The Suffering - Xbox

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Also for: PC, PS2, GameCube
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Adventure: Survival Horror
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Surreal Soft. Co.: Midway
Publishers: Midway (GB)
Released: 14 May 2004 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 18
Accessories: Memory Unit


Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark are two of the biggest survival horror franchises in the gaming world. They are truly scary, but since their arrival, things have become much more disturbed. Silent Hill is renowned for its twisted imagery, as are several others. But pushing the boat out even further is Midway's The Suffering on Xbox, a genuinely sickening adventure that will captivate horror fanatics the world over.

Appropriately marked with a BBFC rating of 18, The Suffering is also one of the most aptly named games that tells the tale of the accused - Torque - as he faces a rather horrific prison sentence for the alleged murder of his family. And it's no ordinary prison, either. From the outset, you'll be greeted by an army of devilish creatures from hell - designed by the studio responsible for bringing H.R Giger's Alien creature to life - many of which aren't best pleased to see you.

And it's these horrifying subjects combined with a dark prison setting that makes the game so utterly terrifying. Moments of suspense and moments of fright are frequent here, and it's obvious that a great deal of thought has gone into making The Suffering as atmospheric as it is fun to play.

The Suffering plays hot to a total of nine indoor and outdoor levels and gifts players with a much needed arsenal of weapons that include tommy guns, grenades and TNT. Combat is solid, with a good control method, and gameplay offers both third and first-person points of view, with the latter best used for exploration.

So if you're thinking The Suffering is much ado about nothing, you'd be wrong. It's brilliantly scary and great to play.


The Suffering - Xbox Artwork

The Suffering - Xbox Artwork

The Suffering - Xbox Artwork