Larry Probst

Born: Jul 1951

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Hatchetman Leaves Bono Comes To EA News

In with the old out with the old…

27 Feb 2007

EA Chief on Wii And PSP News

CEO of EA Larry Probst speaks about Wii and PSP. And some other things…

01 Dec 2006

EA Executives to be Hauled Over Coals as Lying Claims Flare News

Probst and Jenson in the dock, spotless run ends.

29 Mar 2005

Electronic Arts Confirm DS and PSP Support News

DS schedule not mentioned, ominously enough.

30 Apr 2004

EA Announce Record Revenues News

The biggest piggy bank in the world will not contain all this money...

30 Apr 2004

Electronic Arts Throws Weight Behind PSP – Cautious Over Nintendo DS News

Royalties issues to blame as publishing giant mulls over options.

28 Jan 2004

Electronic Arts executives cash in... News development cutbacks hit European outfit.

02 Jun 2003

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