David Gosen

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Xbox 360: We're Saving the Family and Retail! News

Xbox exec calls for respect

24 Apr 2009

Microsoft: Digital Distribution Will Outstrip Physical Sales News

Up yours, bricks & mortar - Plus, big Xbox Live spend coming to Europe

06 Aug 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Ahead of PS3 in Europe News

Console war not over yet

26 Jun 2008

Gosen quits Nintendo Europe News

Shock news sees NOE head walk

30 Jun 2004

GBA Evolves, Nintendo Admits to Developing Another New Handheld News

Advanced handheld war stretches beyond horizon.

18 Jun 2004

Nintendo Europe Rallies – Gosen Hits Campaign Trail News

And they’re off! Guns blaze in first shots of next-gen war.

10 Jun 2004

GameCube 2 named - Console takes shape... News

World Exclusive: Nintendo confirms working title only here

13 May 2004

Exclusive: Nintendo Poised for New Product Roll-out News

Insiders reveal major conference for new ‘thing’.

21 Nov 2003

GameCube price slashed by £50 News

Nintendo steps up Christmas campaign.

03 Oct 2003

Pokemon phenomenon hits Europe - again! News

500,000 sales achieved in first weekend

30 Jul 2003

UK Game Boy Advance SP running out already? News

Nintendo of Europe recommends queuing early.

26 Mar 2003

GameCube online Europe plans revealed News

Full power Nintendo service sees grown up gaming.

28 Jan 2003

Inevitable Final Fantasy slippage confirmed News

Crystal Chronicles disappears from the 2003 schedule.

28 Jan 2003

Mario Advance 4 gets the silence treatment News

Japes as Nintendo goes hush-hush – sparks gossip frenzy.

28 Jan 2003

Iwata speaks on disappointing GameCube sales News

Gosen's claims of second place prove untrue

23 Jan 2003

Nintendo European press briefing details News

Grate, didn’t it?

30 Aug 2002

400,000 GameCubes snaffled up by Europe News

Nintendo makes its mark.

14 May 2002

UK GameCube price slash announced News

Game on: Price war underway

22 Apr 2002

Europe turns its eyes on Nintendo News

Nintendo spills the beans to thousands of Internet-capable gamers.

21 Feb 2002

Nintendo Europe Chief Doubtful Regarding Online GameCube News

Will it? Won't it? No commitment as yet - read on.

13 Feb 2002

At last! Nintendo stamps date and price point for GameCube Europe News

In a live webcast today, Nintendo Europe chief David Gosen finally revealed when the GameCube will hit our shores and how much it will cost.

28 Jan 2002

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