George Harrison

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Rumour: Wii Hard Drive and Hardware Improvements Soon? News

Nintendo of America boss doesn’t rule out either

24 Jul 2007

Is Nintendo’s Top Brass In America Leaving? News

Rumours and speculation rife

07 Jun 2007

Nintendo Could Take 50% of Hardware Market News

According to VP of Marketing, George Harrison

29 May 2007

Nintendo Wiis All At Sea News

That’s where they’ve all gone…

30 Mar 2007

Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved” News

Miyamoto blesses the team-up

29 Mar 2007

Two Million Cheats Blighting Nintendo Wi-Fi! News

We jest! DS online milestone reached.

29 Aug 2006

Virtual Console: Wii to Host the New Old School! News

SPOnG buys into development kit dreams

17 Aug 2006

Spring 2007 mooted for Revolution launch News

Conflicts with E3 talk

27 May 2005

Blue Gaming, But Still the Pink is Not Spread News

New DS colour first to be dated outside of Japan. John Lennon speaks.

19 Apr 2005

NBA Street V3 to Feature GameCube-exclusive Characters News

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to feature.

06 Jan 2005

Obscure? Mario suit builder shame revealed News

A bizarre promotion for the good of humanity

12 Nov 2004

Nintendo pledges largest spend ever for DS roll-out News

Holliday season bagged, as head start shows

08 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS to target "full spectrum of hipsters" News

"Touching is good" campaign outlined

25 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS teleconference reveals confident outlook in North America News

$40 million marketing budget for 4 million shipping target

23 Sep 2004

Nintendo Conference war cry - Must read! News

Iwata – 'Technology means nothing'

12 May 2004

Nintendo shifts a million consoles in one weekend News

Thanksgiving sees Massive GameCube and GBA sales across the US.

03 Dec 2003

Nintendo feels the PSPressure as GBA 2 video-playback plans revealed News

George Harrison confirms handheld evolution

31 Oct 2003

N-Gage – Nintendo not worried News

Harrison on Nokia threat.

13 Oct 2003

GameCube price hack confirmed News

US gets sub-£60 hardware.

25 Sep 2003

Nintendo dubious about GameCube 2 subscription model News

Harrison again illustrates Nintendo online paranoia.

07 Jul 2003

Exclusive: Nintendo gives EA ‘cost of production plus a dollar’ as others wait News

Royalties adjusted as Nintendo fights for market.

11 Apr 2003

Nintendo seeks to address GameCube problems News

Finally, an admission of issues – future plans laid down.

04 Mar 2003

Western Pokemon campaign initiated News

Limited edition coin planned for US as behemoth franchise gears up for second phase of world domination.

12 Feb 2003

Price war! Soon, all consoles may be really cheap! News

Everyone’s a winner! Possibly.

09 Apr 2002

More Microsoft Versus Nintendo Gubbins News

Xbox success will not harm GameCube launch, say experts.

16 Nov 2001

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