Human Orbit - PC

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Human Orbit (PC)
Viewed: 3D Genre:
Strategy: Management
Media: Download Arcade origin:No
Developer: Autelia Soft. Co.: Autelia
Publishers: Autelia (GB)
Released: Mar 2015 (GB)


Human Orbit is a sci-fi social simulator set aboard a remote space station orbiting a distant planet. There are many mysteries surrounding the satellite’s purpose and the alien planet below, but the most powerful stories are those of the crew.

As a sentient AI, you take control of a simple droid able to explore the space station and access its communications network uninhibited. Gather information, discover emergent stories, and – if the fancy takes you – take control of the station and those aboard it.

Do you want to expand the research labs and study relics found on the planet’s surface? Hack into the Captain’s personal log? Or perhaps you’d rather help two contentious members of the community overcome their differences to be together?

The fate of the station and its crew is in your hands. At least, it would be if you had any.

Key Features Include:
- Advanced AI System
- Procedurally-generated storytelling
- 100 unique and complex characters, each with their own personalities and histories.
- Immersive 3D world created by Dan Raihert (Environmental artist on Dead Space 3, The Sims 3)
- Atmospheric SFX by Eli Hason (Senior Sound Designer on Thief (2014))
- Node Based Dialogue Editor
- Modding Tools


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