Don Bradman Cricket 14 - PC

Also known as: Don Bradman Cricket 14: Limited Edition

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Also for: PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Cricket
Media: Download (also on DVD) Arcade origin:No
Released: Apr 2014 (GB)


Don Bradman Cricket 14 includes:

-Career Mode, allowing you to take control of an aspiring young cricketer and take him through the ranks to International glory.

-Unique Batting and Bowling Controls, giving full 360 Shot control and Line and Length delivery without pitch markers.

-A fully featured fielding system that allows you to run down the ball and slide to prevent a Four, catch a high ball on the boundary rope, or knock down the stumps to take a vital run out. You are always involved in the play at every stage of the game!

-Ball Physics giving realistic Edges, bat pad catches and movement off the pitch.

-A complete player physics system with individual attributes including weight and height – 
imagine running in a 2 metre bowler to deliver that perfect bouncer!

-Appeal and Electronic Review system allowing for the first time challenges of the umpires 

-Practice Nets, Hone your skills to perfection before taking to the field.

-Dynamic time of day, Weather System and Pitch Degradation that are based on real world 
data with effects occurring in real-time throughout a days’ play.

-The Cricket Academy, allowing for unparalleled customisation of your Cricket experience, 
creating Teams, players, Tours, Competitions, Match Types and even Umpires.

-More than 4000 Community created Players and teams ready to download and use in game.

-An online Save system that lets you continue your match whenever you want with online 


Don Bradman Cricket 14 - PC Artwork

Don Bradman Cricket 14 - PC Artwork

Don Bradman Cricket 14 - PC Artwork