Traction Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific - PC

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Traction Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific (PC)
Requires: Joystick, Mouse
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Simulation: Railway
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Digital Traction Soft. Co.: Just Trains
Publishers: Just Trains (GB)
Released: 1 Mar 2013 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI No rating



In 1943 Oliver Bulleid started to plan for the post-war engine requirements for the poorly maintained lines. Something lighter than the Merchant Navy Class was required, and so the Light Pacific Class was born.

Bulleid decided to include the now infamous chain-driven valve gear but it was unreliable and caused many problems. The design also featured the ‘air-smoothed’ streamlined design that gave the engine its distinctive ‘slab-sided’ appearance.

The cab featured electric lighting powered by a steam-driven generator, The gauges were lit by ultra-violet light for better night vision and to eliminate light blindness and so help the crew see track signals better at night.

Despite these advanced design features, the locomotive's unreliability was causing problems and so 60 of the engines were rebuilt, starting in 1957. The chain gear was removed, along with the streamlining, and the engine was made more conventional all round. Despite this, the steam era was coming to an end and many of the engines were scrapped soon after being rebuilt.


Highly detailed Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific model with 10 unique nameplates
Four Maunsell coaches in the appropriate livery
Four fully featured scenarios
Real-time selectable headcode system
Additional light controls for cab
Sand, safety valve and whistle particle effects
Changeable numbers and shed plates
Opening cab windows
Fully functioning headcode system, with both discs and electric headlamps present
The safety valves visibly emit steam in synchronisation with the boiler pressure
Switchable electric cab lighting.


Bath Green to Templecombe route

Extra Load
Take wagons from Templecombe as far as Evercreech, where you collect more goods, before climbing over the Mendips to Radstock.

Date: Feb 1959
Rating: Medium
Duration: 60 minutes
Start time: 10:12
Season: Winter
Start Location: Templecombe

Over the Top
Put one of the new Rebuilt Light Pacifics through its paces over the heavily graded S&DJR. Start at Bath and travel as far as Evercreech Junction.

Date: August 1957
Rating: Medium
Duration: 50 minutes
Start time: 09:30
Season: Summer
Start location: Bath Green Park

Southern in the Snow
Drive a stopping local train from Templecombe to Evercreech Junction in the evening winter snow, with a rake of old Maunsell coaches.

Date: December 1960
Rating: Easy
Duration: 20 minutes
Start time: 16:12
Season: Winter
Start location: Templecombe

Newcastle to York route

Southern Interloper
Drive a steam special from Newcastle to Darlington during the 1980s. Start from Newcastle, taking a special as far as Darlington.

Date: July 1980
Rating: Medium
Duration: 40 minutes
Start time: 13:00
Season: Summer
Start location: Newcastle