Starters Orders 4 - PC

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Starters Orders 4 (PC)
Requires: Mouse, Keyboard
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Sport: Equestrian
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Strategic Designs Soft. Co.: Strategic Designs
Publishers: Focus Multimedia (GB)
Released: 7 Sept 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+



- Over 10 000 horses and hundreds of trainers and jockeys!
- Feature race history/stats screen detailing up to 50 years of past results!
- All time greats (horses) table.
- Detailed and daily newspaper articles.
- Enhanced trainer and jockey AI.
- End of season awards.
- Horse temperament and paddock state indicator.
- Horse handicap progression/strike rate chart.
- Improved staff/finance options.
- Improved help options with rollovers and tooltips.
- Lower handicap categories included.
- Improved racecourse database and records.
- Accurate and detailed form (past performance) cards and race cards.
- Export horse option. Players may export any of their own horses at any point during the game. The resulting horse file is saved to the hard drive and may be emailed to others.
- Race Construction Kit. Create your own ‘user defined’ races with the race construction kit using previously exported horses. Great for creating leagues or simply racing your best horses against your friends horses.
- Photo Finishes.
- Sectional timing (Fractional timing but displayed in decimals) for every horse in every race.
- Splits (position at posts) for every horse in every race.
- Pacifiers. Blinkers, visors and cheek pieces available.
- Geld option. Male horses may be gelded.
- Replays. View past races as replays! Replay option available from formcards.
- 2yo Pre-Season Auction.
- Top 100 horse table.
- Tipsters. Tipsters can now be consulted before each race.
- Multi player trainer game (local machine only). In addition to the Punter Match mode, 1-4 players may now compete in Trainer mode.
- Head Lad summary. The horses Fitness and Condition are assessed by the stables head lad.
- Jockey Feedback. Due to popular demand jockey feedback is now given following each race.
- Apprentice Jockeys. Each trainer may hire an apprentice Jockey.
- Change Trainer and Jockey names.
- Massive form book detailing past performances. The last 7000 race formcards stored along with replays!
- Owner/Trainer/Jockey horse racing game modes.
- Train and take the reins, plan betting coups and compete in Trainers Championship table.
- Multi-player Punter competition mode (on local machine)
- First to a million £ wins!
- Unique rhythmic Jockey control system to simulate real race riding.
- Fields of up to 30 runners.
- Exciting race sequence with zoom options and weather effects and overhead course ‘radar’ view.
- Intelligent jockeys. Watch the subtle animation changes as jockeys restrain, ride, coax along and whip their mounts to obtain the best finishing position.
- Detailed and realistic training methods.
- Approximately 40 Racecourses (including Turf and Dirt) simulated complete with stats and course information. Draw effect and other factors influence jockey tactics such as which rail to go for and what ‘pace’ to ride.
- Vast dynamic game world with thousands of horses.
- Hundreds of jockeys and computer controlled Trainers.
- Realistic race calendar featuring many UK feature races and key foreign races from: Flemington, Arlington, Tokyo and Nad al sheba etc. Race on Derby Day, Arc day and compete in many other feature races.
- All major race types accurately simulated including Handicaps, Group races, selling/Claiming races, Maidens etc.
- Select either furlongs/fraction odds (UK) or Metric/decimal odds (rest of the world}.
- Dynamic Note book – store player notes on any horse at any point for future reference.
- Advance Declarations complete with filters for browsing upcoming races.
- Realistic and statistically accurate betting model and strategy.
- Detailed horse stats include horses performance over every distance and going.
- Dynamic race world with new 2 year old horses joining and older horses retiring every season.
- Non-triers, Stewards enquiries and fines.
- Detailed and accurate Racecards for every race.
- Well presented and content rich menu screens with intuitive interface.