Company of Heroes 2 - PC

Also known as: 'Company of Heroes 2: Platinum Edition', 'Company of Heroes 2: Red Star Steel Book Edition'
Viewed: 3D Isometric, Scrolling
Genre: Strategy: Combat

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Plus free multiplayer commanders and sale

17 Jan 2014

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Large Update for Original and Latest Franchise Installment Contains Free Content, Updates As Well As a New Premium Theatre of War Pack

10 Dec 2013

SEGA Investigating War Game Complaints News

Russians dislike portrayal of Soviet WWII portrayal

06 Aug 2013

SEGA Sues Bankrupt THQ Over Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Order Sales News

THQ took money after it declared bankruptcy.

10 Jul 2013

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29 Apr 2013

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Pioneering spirit...

17 Apr 2013

Company of Heroes 2 Preview

War. What is it good for?

28 Nov 2012

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Jason Rubin does not want to release sub-par titles.

06 Nov 2012

Company of Heroes 2 Preview

Never, ever invade the Soviet Union in Winter

31 Aug 2012

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Why RTS is more authentic than an FPS

01 Jun 2012

Company of Heroes 2 First Look

Stalin v Hitler! Fight!

22 May 2012

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