Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival - PC

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Also for: Wii, DS/DSi
Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Educational: Numeracy & Maths
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Warner Brothers (US)
Released: Sept 2011 (US)


In Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival, kids join Cookie Monster and Big Bird at a fun-filled carnival, through gameplay steeped in math skills that include number identification, counting, shapes and pattern recognition. Kids journey through the game in the many areas of the carnival such as The Grandstand, Midway, Petting Zoo, Food Court and the Arcade.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Gameplay Helpers for Smaller Hands: Available for Wii and Nintendo DS systems, special gameplay helpers simplify gameplay controls and make them more accessible for preschoolers with small hands and developing skills. They will come packaged with the game at no additional cost.

The Wii gameplay helper is a soft and fuzzy character cover with special grips that slips over the Wii Remote, minimizing unnecessary buttons and making it easier and more fun to hold. The Nintendo DS gameplay helper is a jumbo click stylus designed for smaller hands, simplifying interaction with the touch screen. It features a retractable tip and wrist strap for safety and its soft grip provides for a comfortable grasp.

Parent’s Page: Parents may review games their child has played along with relevant curriculum for each. Using this option, parents can customize up to four profiles, set functions including difficulty level and game limits. Parent Can Play With Their Kids: Parental “drop-in” feature allows use of the second Wii Remote to assist the child through the game, without taking away the child’s remote. Broad Range of Games: The game features 20 distinct learning games based on a variety of activities, including counting and numbers, sequencing, number identification, enumeration, plus pattern shape and color identification. Audio Direction: Game instructions are provided by audio rather than text direction for children with developing reading skills. Easy to Play: The games are entertaining and intuitive enabling preschoolers to play by themselves. They require minimal button usage. For the Nintendo DS, there’s no button pushing – only screen tapping. Player Adaptability: The game difficulty adapts to child’s level. Active Gameplay: With Wii, game movements are Jump, Tilt, Pump, Scoop, Shake, Sweep and Toss. All are performed with two hands with a “‘handlebar” grip.