Flying Club II - PC

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Flying Club II (PC)
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Simulation: Flight
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Just Flight (GB)
Released: 24 Jul 2009 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Just Flight's Flying Club and Flying Club X packages have set the benchmark for GA aircraft in flight simulator. High quality exterior models based on real aircraft are mated with state-of-the-art flight models to produce aircraft that handle just like the real thing. Flying Club 2 is set to follow in these illustrious footsteps with a Piper PA28-181 Archer III , a twin-engined Beechcraft Duchess 76 and a Robinson R44 Helicopter and photo-realistic scenery of Denham Aerodrome for FSX pilots to fly from. It's time to renew your club membership!