Zenses: Zen Garden - DS/DSi

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Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
Publishers: The Game Factory (SE)
Released: Nov 2009 (SE)


Zenses: Zen Garden is the third title in a series of games targeting the female target group. The game continues the success of the previous titles by taking the best game play from the puzzle and brain training genre and wrapping it up in a clean, fresh and stylish look accompanied by an ambient soundtrack to support the calm and relaxing atmosphere. Zenses: Zen Garden allows the player to transcend the stresses of everyday life, unplug and experience an “active escape”. The result? A brand new and fresh gaming experience for the modern woman offering spa-like escapism in your handbag!

Prepare for total relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of a Zen garden famous for its ability to relax people and help them achieve a sense of serenity in their stressful lives. Zenses: Zen Garden allows players to play games inspired by the Zen garden aesthetics and sounds. Welcome to active relaxation.

In Zenses: Zen Garden the player will find the perfect “me time” companion enabling them to escape distractions and taking in what is right here right now. Emerge yourself in Zenses: Zen Garden while challenging the mind, body and spirit through relaxing puzzle and brain training games, soothing ambient sounds and authentic visuals that highlight the earth’s natural wonders and beauty. Escape the world around you.