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Released: 8 Apr 2008 (GB)


Empire of  Sports - PC Screen

Empire of  Sports - PC Screen

Empire of  Sports - PC Screen


Embark on a journey that will take you from ambitious amateur to the heights of sports stardom.

"Empire of Sports" the first true multi sports gaming world

"Empire of Sports" is not a MMORPG, it's something new. It's both familiar yet far beyond what you have seen so far. You will immediately feel at home while you experience a brand new realm of sports entertainment.

* You take control of one fully customizable character which will develop, gaining strength and experience, allowing you to take on tougher challenges and stronger opponents. As your build on greater and greater victories other people will be able to see and admire the accomplishments of you and your team mates.
* Test your skills against other players in football, basketball, tennis, skiing, or out on the athletics track. These are not mini games but full grown, high quality sports games that will feature unique controls to give you a completely new sports gaming experience. An experience that will continue to grow and develop, driven by its community as more single and team sports games will be announced in the near future.
* Live and move through a variety of virtual city centers hosting all the facilities and services you need to develop your true potential as an athlete. Join up and compete with any number of friends and rivals in a world that seamlessly integrates all players in a single platform.
* Make friends in the new social network or bring your friends with you and invite them to join your team.
* Join famous clubs, meet real life stars, and eventually become the most famous star of all!

"Empire of Sports" will be launched in Europe in the beginning of 2008. Beta testing is in full progress, and we are looking for enthusiastic beta testers. So sign up for your chance to join in the "Empire of Sports" Beta test.

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