300: March To Glory - PSP

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300: March To Glory (PSP)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Beat 'Em Up: Hack and Slash
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: Collision Studios Soft. Co.: Warner Brothers
Publishers: Eidos (GB)
Released: 30 Mar 2007 (GB)
Ratings: BBFC 15
Accessories: Memory Duo Stick


“Madness? This. Is. Sparta!!!” That's what King Leonidas has to say. It's also pretty much what you can expect out of 300: March to Glory from Eidos.

Based on the film of the graphic novel which was based on the film 300 Spartans which was based on historical events...well, it's about 300 Spartans holding back two million Persians at Thermopylae a long, long time before you were born. You'll be asked to don your cape, shield and leather underwear to go participate in one of the most epic battles in human history. Spoiler warning! You will die at the end, so don't be surprised. It's all about the sacrifice and heroism that only bare-chested men with swords can show.

Gamers take on the role of King Leonidas, ruler of the doomed warriors, as the Spartans march into battle. Armed with shield, spear and sword, the job ahead of you is to kill as many invading Persians as possible. Be warned, though: Frank Miller, the graphic novel's creator, took some factual liberties. It won't all be pretty. Among the bad guys you'll need to kill will be huge, mutated behemoths, battle elephants and one chap who has sharpened bones instead of forearms.


300: March To Glory - PSP Wallpaper

300: March To Glory - PSP Wallpaper

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