Zoo Vet - PC

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Zoo Vet (PC)
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Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Lexicon Soft. Co.: Lexicon
Publishers: Mindscape (GB)
Released: 28 May 2005 (GB)


Why isn't the lion eating? What do you do with a newborn flamingo? What does the xray of the panda's belly show? Answer these questions and more when you become the vet at your own zoo! Have a wild time as you get up-close to diagnose and treat all the animals, each in their unique habitat. Good luck...it's a jungle out there!

Zoo Vet introduces players to life at the zoo and gives them the ability to care for a diverse group of animals while interacting with entertaining characters. Being a zoo vet is an adventurous and exciting job! Players travel around the zoo performing ezaminations on cuddly otters and dangerous lions. They gather vital facts about each animal by talking with the zoo keepers and team up with vet techs to investigate the animals' ailments. In an emergency, the players jump in with their treatment tools and rescue the animals from harmful conditions. The players can also take advantage of features in their office, such as learning about careers with animals and unlocking bonus features as they progress through the game. As the players become more knowledgable and successful vets, they'll earn awards and praise from their fellow team members, and rise in ranks to become the zoo's most valuable vet!