Zoo Tycoon 2 - PC

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Zoo Tycoon 2 (PC)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Strategy: Management
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Blue Fang Soft. Co.: Microsoft
Publishers: Microsoft (GB)
Released: 26 Nov 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
No Accessories: No Accessories


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There's no denying that the park management genre is where it belongs on PC, with hi-res visuals and a point-and-click control method proving vital to the success of such a game. A fine example of this is Zoo Tycoon, a game typical of its kind that proved immensely popular. But now the traditional isometric view point is to be dumped in favour of a fully fledged 3D sequel, Zoo Tycoon 2.

Stepping into the 3D arena for the first time, Zoo Tycoon's newest addition is the players' ability to roam their very own park as they see fit. It adds a sense of depth to the whole experience that helps Zoo Tycoon veterans to gain a real experience of how your park is perceived by their guests for the first time.

Like the original game and its two expansion packs, the objective of Zoo Tycoon 2 is to create both a friendly and profitable theme park that can keep both customers and animals happy and satisfied. There are a number of factors that influence a would-be manager's success that comprise of a variety of buildings, exhibit materials, and maintenance and management options. Of course a head for running a business helps too, but it's a game with a reasonable learning curve that anyone should be able to get to grips with.

A number of scenarios and random challenges help to make the game a little more challenging and diverse, and those keen to brag of their success in Zoo Tycoon 2 can take snap shots of their parks and share them with others online.

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a great sequel and a good step forward for the series, and an ongoing supply of free downloadable content ensures that gamers will never be starved things to do in their parks.


Zoo Tycoon 2 - PC Artwork

Zoo Tycoon 2 - PC Artwork

Zoo Tycoon 2 - PC Artwork

Zoo Tycoon 2 - PC Artwork