The Journey to Wild Divine - PC

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Viewed: Combination First-person Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: The Wild Divine Project Soft. Co.: The Wild Divine Project
Released: 2005 (GB)


The Journey to Wild Divine, is an interactive multimedia adventure that integrates the power of a healing journey with innovative human-computer technology to help cultivate an enhanced sense of self and soul-awareness.

While traditional gaming relies on the user's reaction to, and interaction with, the gaming environment, The Wild Divine starts on the inside. First, players hook themselves up to a biofeedback module which measures heart rate and other functions. Following a training session where guides familiarize users with the interface and the types of mind/body exercises they will need to master to navigate, players explore a lush, fantastic world of challenges, adventures and other experiences.

The Wild Divine is both a healing journey and exhilarating adventure. PhD biomedical engineer Kurt Smith and animator/developer Corwin Bell and their development team, located in Eldorado Canyon, have created a deeply detailed, lush world that will reward gamers with hours of pleasure. Playing the game also reduces stress, centers the mind and calms the body. Benefits may extend well beyond the playing experience as the game shows promise as a therapeutic tool and a focusing exercise for businesspeople.