The Sniper 2 - PS2

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The Sniper 2 (PS2)
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Strategy: Stealth
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Best Media Soft. Co.: Midas
Publishers: Midas (GB)
Released: 5 Mar 2004 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Accessories: Memory Card
Features: Vibration Function Compatible, Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only


"Hi, Harry Spencer is the name and I'm a Sniper. If you want someone removed just let me know. I'll tell you what the price is".

You're in position, holding the ultimate hit-man rifle. Looking down the scope you spot your next victim, with your heart pumping violently you know this is your one and only chance to take them out. You steady your breathing, take aim and fire!!

  • An immersive, atmospheric storyline puts the player right in the heart of the action. In Sniper 2 you really do feel like a marksman.

  • Shot accuracy affects the grade given. And with a good performance you'll open new stages and receive an alternative ending to the game.

  • Choose your own sniping point on each stage and choose the time of day to attack your target.

  • Your rifle's telescopic sight has a three stage zoom for total accuracy.

  • Your in-game buddies will help you along the way giving advice on targets and locations. With various missions from intercepting secret meetings to disabling vehicles you'll be pleased they joined you.

  • We can't tell you more than this about the game or we'd have to kill you.