Massive Assault - PC

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Massive Assault (PC)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Soft. Co.:
Publishers: GMX (GB)
Released: 31 Oct 2003 (GB)
No Accessories: No Accessories


Take the command of "Axis-of-Good" forces and defeat the secret alliance of "Shadow Clique" on one of 6 distant planets. The rebels decided to seize the power on Earth by first conquering the space colonies, which provide vital energy resources to A.O.G. The war for global domination will unroll on continents, at sea and in the air. Lead your divisions, fleets and air squadrons against those, who dared threaten our freedom and democracy!

The game utilizes Wargaming.netís high-performance 3D engine giving revolutionary look and feel to turn based global-scale games. The gameplay is smooth and easy-to-learn.

The game contains original political system, preserving the intrigue throughout the whole war. Each side has a bunch of allied countries, unknown to the enemy. Secret allies can disclose and provide troops at any moment, surprisingly shifting the power balance in particular region.

The game is set in dynamic strategic environment, where the tide can turn for several times. And if you finally win, you will feel like the victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat. The secret alliance concept provides endless replayability - in each game the distribution of secret allies is totally different, so you will never have two alike games, facing unique strategic situation. You will have to employ the eternal principles of warfare, such as:
  • usage of terrain advantages
  • outflanking moves and envelopment
  • troops concentration in the area of main strike
  • cutting enemy supply routes
  • screening maneuvers
  • guerrilla tactics and sabotage

Liberating the continents, you will be involved into huge naval landing operations, will learn how to operate carrier battle groups, provide artillery support and will face other non-trivial challenges.

  • Full 3D Graphic Engine

  • Huge 3D Landscapes

  • 28 Detailed 3D Units

  • Realistic Lighting, Explosions and Effects

  • 3D Sound

  • 6 Different Worlds (planets)

  • AI, Hot Seat and Internet Play Modes