Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 - GameCube

Also known as: Legacy Of Kain 2

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Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 (GameCube)
Also for: PC, PS2, Xbox
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Crystal Dynamics Soft. Co.: Eidos
Publishers: Eidos (GB)
Released: 24 Jan 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 15+
Accessories: Memory Card


Introducing a slight twist to the usual 'good vs. evil' proceedings, this cheery little title casts players into the role of one of the bad guys - the evil vampire Kain, to be more precise. Four hundred years have passed since this guy damned the world in the original Blood Omen on the PSX. Now he returns to Nosgoth - the land he once controlled with his vampire armies - to find his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a mysterious figure. If this land is to be reclaimed, Kain must uncover an ominous plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer.

And so begins the saga of Blood Omen 2, a mission-based action/adventure with a heavy emphasis on both combat and stealth. The story takes place in Nosgoth and sees the protagonist start the game with two supernatural abilities: Mist (which shrouds Kain from his enemies) and Fury (a manic combat attack). Additional Dark Gifts such as Charm (mind-control) and Super-Jump must be acquired from the most dangerous of enemies in order to progress. Kain also has a multitude of weapons at his disposal, each with their own gruesome finishing move. After each brutal attack Kain must draw strength by draining his enemies of their blood.

At the heart of the game is an advanced AI system, which determines the behaviour of the other characters. The inhabitants of Nosgoth will react to Kain according to how he interacts with them, and also according to how he has behaved up until that point in the game. For example, mindlessly attacking folk will attract unwanted attention, whereas stealthily sneaking through the shadows should see to it that his identity be kept under disguise.

The fourth title in the ongoing Legacy of Kain series, Blood Omen 2 is the first of the bunch to make an appearance on a Nintendo machine. Anyone who has missed out because of this in the past should take this opportunity to experience the gruesome goings on.