Another War - PC

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Another War (PC)
Also for: Power Mac
Viewed: 2D Isometric, Flick screen Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Mirage
Publishers: Cenega (GB)
Released: May 2003 (GB)


The Game

In an attempt to come up with something different to the normal Role-Playing features of magic, fiction, quasi science fiction, and strange creatures, the setting of Another War is a possible first for the genre: that of W.W.II, possibly the darkest era in our history. Although using 1940 as the period, Another War can be compared with games such as ?Diablo? and ?Planescape Torment?. Instead of monsters, substitute Nazis; instead of swords and sorcery, substitute an MG42 and a Mauzer 98K; instead of the works of Tolkein or Steve Jackson, substitute ?Saving Private Ryan?, ?The Dirty Dozen?, and even ?Raiders of the Lost Ark?. Another War uses familiar RPG functions within a 20th Century environment: allocate points to build your character, carry equipment in your backpack (space permitting), and involve yourself in real-time combat.

The Story

Another War is a story about a mercenary and adventurer, living on his wits, who gets himself involved in a web of intrigue between world-powers whilst trying to save an old friend from a group of Nazis. The plot begins in a forgotten French village where the only signs of conflict are intermittent German patrols and Wehrmacht soldiers occupying the local bar. It ends in the hell of besieged Leningrad, where the hero discovers a secret project jointly funded and administered by both Russians and Germans. Although the premise is to save your friend, it doesn?t follow that you only play as a single character: playing as a team is the only way to progress in Another War.

Features include:

  • 50 locations across Europe.

  • 30 weapons including a plethora of guns, grenades, mines, etc.

  • Real time action sequences.

  • Play as one of three characters: a thief, a spy, or a tough-guy.

  • Isometric engine with all new tools:
    BACA (Battle Advanced Combat Arena)
    FECA (Fast Enemy Creation and Annihilation)
    ASS (Advanced Script Supervisor)