Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle - PC

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Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle (PC)
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Breakaway Games Soft. Co.: Breakaway Games
Publishers: KOCH (GB)
Released: 24 May 2002 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle lets you govern the armies of either Napoleon or Wellington in a historically accurate real-time strategy game. Can your decisions change the course of history? Well, no, but it’s worth a try... isn’t it?

After spending the night in the rain, soldiers in Wellington's Anglo-Allied Army dried their guns and looked across the muddy fields. The French Army was preparing to attack. Everyone on both sides expected it to be a day of brutal combat, except for one man.

The Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, told his generals, "This affair will be no more serious than eating one's breakfast." He expected to defeat the Allies near Waterloo and enter Brussels in triumph by nightfall.

Starting before noon, the battle raged fiercely for five hours. Then the Prussian Army arrived to aid Wellington. Five hours later, the French Army was broken and retreated in disorder. Napoleon had "met his Waterloo." Nearly 190,000 soldiers fought in one of the most decisive battles in the history of Europe on June 18, 1815… and now it's your turn to take command!

The game itself is a strategy-heavy experience and comes with over 30 complex and involving scenarios for you to plough through. Aesthetically, there are 60 authentically designed uniforms and dozens of historical landmarks that all help to immerse the player in a more believable environment. It works well.

Those skilled enough to finish the entire game can indulge in a little mission creating and editing, which helps increase Waterloo’s longevity immensely. But as ever, the game’s multi-player option is what really makes it worth playing. With up to eight human players to battle against, gameplay is far more captivating and much less predictable.

All in all though, it’s a great all-round RTS game with a good history lesson thrown in for good measure.

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"A la Gloire ! ! To Glory ! ! …" Press Release

20 May 2002