Tetris Plus - Saturn

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Also for: PlayStation
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Puzzle: Falling Blocks
Arcade origin:No
Released: Unknown (GB)


Simple but effective, Tetris Plus is stacked with four modes of play including Puzzle, Classic Tetris and a unique edit facility which allows the player to concoct original gameplay.

In Puzzle Mode, a curious professor and his assistant are in search of fortune and adventure. The professor, a supposedly wise old soul, soon gets into a heap of trouble as he winds up trapped inside the chamber of an ancient ruin. As the chamber fills with blocks tumbling from above, a deadly spiked ceiling descends upon our sometimes brave, sometimes foolish hero. When the blocks begin to pile up, the professor tries to climb his way to the top. The chamber is already filled with patterns of blocks, so a path must be cleared in order for the professor to find his way to the treasure hidden below.

The professor’s quest takes him across the globe and into the wonders of the labyrinth at Knossos, the pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat, the Mayan Ruins and a mysterious city with an additional twenty stages of death-defying puzzle excitement.

It’s safe to say that Alexey Pajinov, the Russian inventor of Tetris, is a bonafide genius. Tetris, the original classic version is included here, is such a simple premise, yet highly addictive.