One-on-One Basketball - Atari 7800

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One-on-One Basketball (Atari 7800)
Also for: C64, Spectrum 48K, Atari 400/800/XL/XE, Colecovision
Viewed: 2D Top-down, Vertical scrolling Genre:
Sport: Basketball
Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Atari (GB/US/JP)
Released: 1987 (US)
Unknown (GB/JP)


Play basketball with Larry Bird or Julius "Dr.J" Erving! Choose one All-Star as your opponent. You become the other one. Then jump, shoot and win!

This amazing sports game features realistic offensive and defensive moves, fatigue factors, hot streaks, a shot clock, even insant replay and a shattering backboard. Superb graphics and exciting sound effects put you right on the court!

- Award-winning action game developed with the assistance of Julius Erving and Larry Bird.

- More complex game patterns, varied strategies and excitement than ever before.

- 4 skill levels