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Four New Quiz Titles Announced

June 7th 2005, Northamptonshire, UK: Developing an under-served sector of the games market, four new titles have now been added to the Liquid range of pocket-friendly family and social games.

Following broad, positive trade response to the announcement of The Great British Football Quiz and its five sister-products across Europe, the games' developers have now been signed to create a raft of quiz titles based on the passions and loves of Europe's consumers.

From British pub quizzes to European game shows, trivia quizzes in their many guises are an unsung international phenomenon. Liquid's latest selection of titles brings a choice of subjects: The Ultimate Music Quiz, The Ultimate Sports Quiz, The Ultimate TV and Film Quiz, and The Ultimate Trivia Quiz, all providing brain-boggling fun for the entire family. Each game features thousands of carefully researched questions, plus trivia, four different modes of play, dozens of combinations of rules variations and difficulty levels that can be tailored to suit different players even within one game. Offering family fun that cuts across age and ability, Liquid’s new games are being designed so that novices and experts can play against each other in perfect harmony. With single-player, multiplayer and team-based options, support for single or multiple controllers (including multitap), it’s pure social gaming for the casual games player.

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"This is truly mass-market content," observes Kevin Hassall, Publishing Director at Oxygen, home of the Liquid label. "What do people talk about, day in day out? What's on telly, great sporting moments, the music they grew up with.... it's what people are interested in, and it's what we're giving them."

Alongside the football quizzes (already nearing completion), these will be the only quiz games specifically designed for casual gamers, and at under ten pounds each they will be perfect stocking-fillers this Christmas.